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Arabic SEO services are important for businesses that want to improve their online presence in the Arabic-speaking world. It is no secret that the Middle East represents a great business opportunity for international companies wishing to expand their target audience.

What is Arabic SEO? Arabic SEO is the abbreviation for Search Engine Optimization in Arabic. It is the set of techniques and strategies focused on optimizing organic positioning in search engines for the Arabic language. Some examples are Google, Bing, Baidu, Yahoo!, Yandex, DuckDuckGo or YouTube.

Having a website for your brand or company is the basis of any digital presence, but the effort to create it is useless if you do not ensure that your audience finds it. Therefore, it is essential to make Google work in your favor. Let’s see what Arabic SEO is, why it is so important and how search engines work.

What is Arabic SEO or Search Engine Optimization in Arabic?

Arabic SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization in Arabic. It is the process of improving the visibility of a website in the organic results of any search engine.

It is very important to be clear that SEO refers to organic results, that is, not paid. The complementary option (paying a cost per click to occupy the first places for a specific search term) is known as SEM or Search Engine Marketing. To use a metaphor, SEO is similar to looking for a good free parking next to the place where you have to go, while SEM would be the equivalent of paying for a parking lot.

As with almost all online marketing disciplines, SEO has evolved a lot over the years . In their origins, web positioning techniques were very primitive and were based a lot on repeating some specific keywords, while now the user experience is much more important.

Why are Arabic seo services important?

Arabic SEO services can bring great advantages in the long run. They will help improve your site’s rankings on search engines in the target region. The following is a list of the main advantages of Arabic SEO services:

Multiply your visibility

Imagine that you manage to position your website for a term with 500,000 monthly searches. If the first result that appears in the search engines receives 20% of the clicks, you would be obtaining 100,000 organic monthly visits, that is, they do not entail any additional cost to you.

Improve your website

Done well, web positioning techniques not only improve your page for search engines, but also for users themselves. And improving the user experience means improving your results.

It is a long-term investment

Optimizing your website has certain initial costs but, if you manage to position yourself among the top positions, you will have a fantastic source of quality traffic at no cost. Continuing with the previous example, imagine that 1 in every 100 users who visit your website ends up making an online purchase and that the customer’s lifetime value is 100 euros. In that case, you would be generating 100,000 euros per month in income. And of course, if you position for several keywords or launch yourself into international SEO, the benefits multiply.

Make your website profitable

If you have made a valuable investment in money, time and resources to build a website that represents your brand, the logical thing is to have as many users as possible visit it to take advantage of that investment.

Increase your impact on social networks

Web positioning creates synergies with social media, since the links that are shared on networks make use of the titles and descriptions that you will have optimized as part of your positioning strategy.

Arabic Keyword research

As a professional Arabic SEO company, we pay great attention to Arabic keyword research. Keyword research is the basis of any Arabic SEO strategy.

As an Arabic SEO agency, we do extensive keyword research to identify the best opportunities for top rankings on search engines. Keyword research is an indispensable part of Arabic SEO services.

Why are Arabic keywords important and what are they for in SEO?

They are important, because thanks to them, users find what they are looking for, and it helps you, as the administrator of a website, to be better positioned and therefore, when they search on Google, you appear among the first results.

Arabic Keywords are essential for Arabic SEO positioning , since search engines need to know what the content is in order to classify it. That is why it is important to choose the right keywords, since these will allow you to position your content in the first results, which translates into an increase in visits.

But they are not only important for the positioning of your site, but also because they respond to the search that the user does on the internet. You need to know your ideal client, that is, create your buyer persona, to understand how they act on the web and know what words they would use to find something. If you do not know how your potential clients search and use incorrect words that do not correspond to the text they write in the search engine, you will lose your audience.

Keywords help users and potential clients find an answer to their questions. One of the bases of your SEO strategy is that you plan well the keywords that you are going to use to position your content. Here we recommend that you do good Arabic keyword research, where you have a document with a broad list of keywords, including long tail ones, so that you can consult it every time you upload new content to your website.

You should not always bet on high-volume words, that is, the most likely thing is that if you sell “sports shoes”, this keyword has a lot of volume and therefore, it will be more difficult to position, and in the case of wanting to bid for It will have a higher cost per click (CPC). For this reason, we encourage you to use the long tail, an example would be: “women’s sports shoes for running.”

It is important, as we have mentioned before, to know your buyer persona, to know what their needs are and what they are searching on the internet to focus your objectives on them. One of your goals will be to attract visitors to your website so that they can become clients or leads.

Now that you know what a keyword is and the importance it has for SEO, it is time for you to start a good keyword research to apply them to your website.

Remember that you always have to keep your client in mind to find the right keywords that adapt to their searches and that also help you position yourself in search engines.


In this article, we talked about Arabic SEO services and the advantages that they could bring. In general, businesses need the services of an Arabic SEO company or agency if they wish to boost their online visibility in the Arab world.

Note: Backlinki is an Arabic SEO company that helps businesses grow their traffic and visitors in the Middle East. In addition to Arabic SEO services, we provide international SEO services in several languages such as English and German.

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